Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.
— Seth Godin

People love STORIES. Stories create CONNECTIONS. Connections build LOYALTY. 

Storytelling. It's arguably the most ancient of art forms, but storytelling is not just about creating anecdotes and tugging on heart strings. Good stories makes you want to lean in and learn more. Great stories help you develop trust with your customers, create meaningful connections, and build loyal followers for your business.


Our Story

With an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Management, Sarah Oslund's winding career path resulted in her finding her sweet spot in the storytelling realm. After spending nearly 15 years directing communications, public relations, and marketing efforts for educational and non-profit institutions, Sarah decided to explore the world of entrepreneurship, so three years ago, she launched Inspire Communications & Storytelling and hasn't looked back.

From corporate communications to patient stories, Sarah's passion is getting your story heard above the noise.